Become and idea germinator

Many things need to take place in order to prove concepts and mould them into realistic business prospects. Idea germinators facilitate this through offering a variety of skills, rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in to gain traction, direction, evidence, partners and funding for an idea. This involves:

Design & Development
Creating websites. Graphic design and branding. Creating mockups and prototypes of applications. Designing marketing materials, PowerPoint presentations and video intros.

Setting up and managing social network accounts. Spreading the word online. Writing press releases and seeking press coverage. Copywriting for the web and promotional materials. Building a mailing list of potential users. Event management.

Finding funding opportunities and writing funding applications. Producing reports. Identifying stakeholders (such as potential partners, advertisers or investors) and arranging meetings to present the idea to them. Writing business plans and financial projections.

Market Research
Creating and undertaking online and offline surveys. Speaking to potential users/customers in interviews and focus groups. Competitor and market analysis.
As an Idea germinator you will have a real opportunity to take initiative, manage your own workload and spearhead exciting projects that have the potential to make a difference. You will have a lot of freedom to make decisions and can get involved strategically. You will also be encouraged to ‘hatch’ new ideas that can then be ‘germinated’.

Flexible working
You can put in as much or as little time as you have towards our projects. You can work from home using your own equipment in the time you have available, communicating with the team and managing your tasks online. Whilst this is a flexible and voluntary position, we expect individuals to commit to the tasks that they take on. As successful projects turn into real businesses there may be opportunities for the creation of paid jobs.

If you are interested in working on innovative projects to gain work experience and build you skills please get in touch. We often have opportunities for graduates and current students, as well as those not in education. We often have paid opportunities and always have tasks for those looking for voluntary work experience.

Contact us through this website with a statement saying what you are looking to gain from this opportunity.