Taking part in photo shoot for the HE Transition Toolkit website


Welcome to Horbury & Goffe. You might call us an innovation agency of sorts. We like to have good ideas and try to get them going. The home page of this site gives links to all of the projects, businesses and ideas we are setting up. Please visit their web pages and support them.

Our goals

Through our projects we aim to:

  • Inspire people to be creative and to innovate;
  • Help people that need help;
  • Make the world a better place.

Who are we?

Russell Goffe-Wood and Gareth HorburyRussell Goffe-Wood and Gareth Horbury were best friends and idea partners for many years.

In 2005 Gareth passed away leaving Russell the mammoth task of bringing some of these ideas, and in particular our spirit for having ideas, into the world.

Gareth’s spirit for innovating and problem solving drives us forward. Russell’s creative abilities and management skills bring us closer to our goals.

On the right is one of the few remaining photographs of the founders together.